• Do you have party room in Timezone ?

    No, we do not have any party room in any Timezone outlets due to the limitation of our space.

  • What is the validity of my Timezone card ?

    Timezone card will expire if it is not used  for 12 months without any top up /  game transactions . However, if you use your card regularly it will last another 12 months from the last date of use.

  • What are free game credits ?

    Free game credits are an additional bonus added to your card when you load up in store from our promotions. The free game credits cannot be considered as accumulative spend as it is not from genuine spending.

  • Can my Timezone card be used at all Timezone Singapore outlets ?

    Yes, your Timezone card can be used at all Timezone Singapore outlets.

  • Big Sweet Land Jackpot Terms and Conditions

    1. Winner must present the original BSL Card to receive the serialized sticker.
    2.One Jackpot sticker for one jackpot prize won.
    3. BSL Card is not transferable and be used only at centre of issue.
    4. Minimum of 2 Jackpots stickers to start with the BSL passport.
    5. Choice of prize item is subjected to stock availability.
    6. Prize will be process within 4 weeks from date of booking and winner will be notified once the prize is ready for collection.
    7. BSL Redemption Card and Jackpot stickers are valid for 365 days from date of issue.
    8.If the prize item is not available due to whatsoever reason, customer may choose another prize item.
    9.Timezone Singapore reserves the right to increase the number of Jackpots prizes without prior notice.
    10.Timezone Singapore is not responsible for any loss and damage of the BSL redemption card and stickers.
    11.Timezone Singaopore reserves the right to vary / amend the terms and conditions without prior notice.

  • Where are the Timezone outlets ?

    Locate us here http://timezone.com.sg/locations/

  • What is e-Tickets?

    e-Tickets are earned through playing fun-skilled redemption games at our stores and you can accumulated your e-Tickets into your powercard.  Use the e-tickets to trade for attractive prizes from our redemption counter. You check find out the number of eTickets you have accumulated from one of our check balance Kiosk in our outlet or seek our staff assistance.

  • How and why should i register my Timezone card ?

    Why ?

    • Peace of mind – Prevent and minimize loss of game credits if you lose your Timezone card.
    • Be Part of the FUN –  Be the first to know the latest games in town and keep up to date with our latest promotions.
    • Be Spoilt – Receive exclusive member’s offer

    How ?
    You can register your Timezone card here http://timezone.com.sg/member-signup/ or register via the ipad at our stores counter.

  • If I lose my Powercard, is it possible to retrieve the game credits and E-Tickets on my card?

    That is only possible when you have registered your powercard. There is a possibility that we can locate your card data and protect / minimize the loss of game credits and e-tickets stored in the card provided no one pick it up and used it before the lost is reported. Once we locate your card data, we can have the card temporary blocked and issue a new card with the retrieved game credits and e-tickets credited back to your new card. A fee ( $5 ) will be charged for a replacement card.


  • How do i check my game credits balance?

    You can check your game credits balance from our check balance kiosk in our store or request our staff to check for you over at the counter.